is „science of a long, healthy and happy life“

The aim of Ayurveda is to remove human suffering and diseases and to prolong life. Although Ayurveda is an old teaching, its development has never stopped and continues to expand. At present even the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises this medical system as an official healing method and more and more doctors throughout the world practise it. The Ayurvedic detoxification and regeneration of the body was initially intended for members of royal families in the Orient, to rejuvenate and prolong their lives.

Application of the Ayurvedic healing system includes detoxification massages using natural herbal oils, warm herbal baths, gentle vegetable laxatives for colon cleansing, application of special oils into the nose to cleanse the nervous system, or the Shirodara treatment during which a continuous trickle of warm herbal oil runs on to the forehead relaxing the nervous system.

This healing method cleanses gently and naturally the whole body, flushes out toxins, regenerates the body and establishes balance in it.

The detoxification and regeneration treatment results in the flushing out of accumulated toxins, improvement of the immune system, improvement of digestion, weight loss, hormone balance, adjustment of the menstrual cycle, improvement of self-confidence, deeper and calmer sleep, elimination of fatigue, reduction of pains and relaxing of tension in the body, improvement of eyesight and of other functions

Ayurvedic detoxification and regeneration is suitable for

  • in healthy people for regeneration and rejuvenation of the body and it is also excellent for prevention of various diseases.
  • as a treatment to increase potency and fertility
  • it is excellent in treating of almost all chronic problems – of the nose, ears, eyes, skin as well as bone diseases, nervous problems etc.

All substances and oils used are original, natural and of the highest quality. In order to achieve positive results the diet is adjusted accordingly. All therapies are carried out in the hotel building. We deal with clients individually and with a maximum effort to meet their requirements.


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