A9/ SHIRODHARA (55 min.)

  • 890,- Kč

A cleansing technique during which the nervous system is extensively relaxed. This is a very effective relaxation technique. In Ayurveda this method is considered one of the rejuvenating and cleansing treatments used to remove the causes of many diseases. Toxins accumulated in the body are flushed out and at the same time tissues are nourished. Shirodhara strengthens the body and prolongs life. It provides the ideal supply of nourishment for body and mind. Shirodhara’s healing method is excellent in the treatment of some 80 diseases, as for example those of the throat, eyes, ears; in the treatment of migraine and headaches; it helps to improve the memory, stimulates blood circulation, reduces blood pressure, calms down the whole body. It helps in the treatment of nervous disorders, it lifts anxiety and fear and it is one of the most efficient methods used to relax tension and remove stress, it helps against insomnia, it lowers cholesterol; it is excellent for rheumatism , neck pains, asthma, diabetes, stomach ulcers, enlarged prostate; revitalises the skin, nourishes hair, boosts hair growth, slows down greying of hair, and relaxes and rejuvenates the whole body and slows down the process of ageing. In this ancient healing method warm healing oil, containing herbs, mixed precisely according to an ancient Ayurvedic recipe, trickles slowly from a special vessel on to the forehead.

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