11/ Lymphatic massage – mechanical using the Lymfoven machine (25 min.)

  • 590,- Kč

The aim of the lymphatic massage is to improve the lymph flow system and to speed up the lymph flow from the hypodermis back into the blood circulation. Improvement of the lymph flow strengthens the immune system, stimulates body detoxification, improves the lymph and blood vessel systems. The massage is also beneficial for the prevention and treatment of varicose and weak veins, for the prevention and treatment of cellulite, to aid weight loss, limb swellings, muscle pains, heavy and tired legs, as well as the revitalisation of sportsmen after exercise and those in jobs which put a heavy strain on lower limbs, and it generally aids body relaxation and regeneration.

    Lázeňský hotel PARK v Poděbradech hodnocení