13/ Cupping– local application / massage (40 min.)

  • 590,- Kč

This is a traditional Chinese medicine method which relaxes muscles, reduces joint pains, reduces internal problems, improves blood circulation and literally supplies the body with more energy. The cupping treatment involves placing small glass cups with heated air inside on areas of the back and the neck where through suction and negative pressure the massage cupping improves metabolism not only in the areas being treated but also in areas further away from them; it also improves the immune system. Internal organ problems often manifest themselves by painful and sensitive areas on the back. This is caused by accumulated harmful substances under the skin or deeper down in muscles. Such affected tissue areas, created as a result of a malfunctioning internal organ, then become a problem area it their own right and their original link to internal problems is often forgotten. We then speak about backache and thus treatment for spinal problems is given. The cupping therapy improves blood circulation in those sensitive areas and flushes out harmful substances and this reduces backaches and improves the functioning of the relevant organ, the real cause of the problem.

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