24/ Beer bath (20 min + 20 min.)

  • 790,- Kč

The beer bath combines the benefits of live beer cultures, vitamins, herbal extract and spring mineral water. The bath helps to harmonise body functions. It is very beneficial for the immune system and the vascular system. It warms up the skin and opens pores, through which during slight sweating harmful substances are flushed out of the skin. The most important element of the bath is the live cultures of brewery yeast which aid skin regeneration, supply the necessary vitamins, above all those from the vitamin group B, sugars and proteins. The bath is very effective for skin problems (psoriasis, acne, cellulite) chronic joint and muscle pains and problems of the nervous system (stress, anxiety), it aids relaxation, it is excellent for hair and skin health. Thanks to the herbs, hops and the CO2 mineral water the skin gets well supplied with blood. To increase the benefit of the bath and to increase the feeling of relaxation, a glass of beer is served. During the subsequent relaxation on a bed, herbs and vitamin B continue to be absorbed by the skin and thus increase further the bath benefit.

    Lázeňský hotel PARK v Poděbradech hodnocení