4/ Honey massage (40 min.)

  • 590,- Kč

This massage flushes out toxins well, cleanses pores and aids blood circulation to the skin. The therapy is carried out only on the back. Honey is massaged in, using a special technique, and through tension and suction harmful substances are drawn out of the body. The honey massage, by the so-called pumping, removes from the body toxins – poisons which accumulate deep down in tissues in the spinal area. Toxins cause a weakening of the body and this results in various diseases. The massage, because of its detoxification properties, cleanses the whole body of sediments accumulated with time from the environment, food and medication. The honey massage aids the revitalisation of a body exhausted by stress and unhealthy lifestyle, helps to slow skin ageing. It helps with insomnia problems, headaches and digestive problems. We recommend it for those with joint pains or rheumatism. The healing power of honey through the skin has a direct positive impact on the body.

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