9/ Peeling + foot massage with Dead Sea salt, coconut oil and vitamin E (40 min.)

  • 580,- Kč

Dead Sea salt removes dead cells and renews the skin structure; vitamin E is an antioxidant which aids the natural renewal of the skin, coconut oil thoroughly hydrates the skin. Dead cells are removed and this smoothes rough skin. Massaging of reflex points on feet and indirect correction of neck and lumbar areas of the spine is also a part of the treatment. The foot massage improves metabolism, positively impacts on the function of internal organs, relaxes the lymphatic system, body detoxification takes place, leg swelling problems are removed; it helps against cellulite, headaches. It impacts positively on problems associated with diabetes, blood circulation problems, multiple sclerosis, eye problems and so on.

    Lázeňský hotel PARK v Poděbradech hodnocení